Mt. Katahdin Adventure, Maine

Have you ever wanted to hike Mt Katahdin but didn’t feel like you had quite enough knowledge about what route to take or what to pack or just didn’t want to do it alone? Or maybe the idea of figuring out meals and food quantities just didn’t sound like fun? If so, then this is the perfect adventure for you!

Hike Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, in the heart of the North Maine Woods. Sit quietly by Chimney Pond, breathe deeply during your yoga practice surrounded by nature and enjoy the company of others on guided hiking adventure to Chimney Pond and the peak of Katahdin.

Yoga & hiking adventures include instruction and demo about how to pack your overnight backpack and your day-bag, daily yoga classes, delicious meals and exploratory adventures through natural wonders. You will leave a yoga retreat feeling alive and grounded in nature. Leah is a registered Maine Guide with fifteen years of professional guiding experience up Mount Katahdin and beyond. Registration Closes June 30th.

  • Leave feeling re-grounded & strong

  • Don’t need to be ‘outdoorsy’ or know how to pack a backpack

  • Able to carry 35-40 lbs for 3 miles

  • Only take a weekend off

  • People often come by themselves

  • No need to plan food or logistics!

3 day adventure: July 12-14, 2019

Itinerary: (Carpooling from southern Maine 6am or meet in Millinocket.) Day one we will drive to Baxter and hike 3 miles to Chimney pond, where we will stay in lean-tos and rest at the foot of the mountain just under the peak! Day two we will spend the day hiking to the summit (1 steep mile) via the Cathedral and Saddle Trails with just our day-bags and bask in the glory of staying another night in our lean-to at Chimney Pond. Day three we will pack up and hike 3 miles back to the cars. This is the best way to enjoy the mountain and take it all in without rushing!

One week before the trip there will be a ‘duffle shuffle’ near Portland, Maine where Leah will go over all the gear you need and make sure you have the right stuff. Bring your own backpack and sleeping bag. You will get a packing list when you register.

Each day, we facilitate yoga practices to take advantage of the natural rhythms of the body and to compliment our level of hiking for the day. Novice and advanced yoga practitioners welcome!

Cost: $525 early bird price before May 31. $575 after. 

What’s included:

  • Reserved Lean-To’s at Chimney Pond

  • All meals and snacks

  • Daily guided yoga practice & meditation

  • Backpacking instruction & safety training

  • Guided adventure to the peak!