Squash Anxiety & Get Grounded

Learn the tools to reconnect with yourself, feel at ease in the world and within your body.

Work with Leah using breath, essential oils, yoga and the power of the outdoors.

Watch her masterclass to below learn more.

“If you are a professional woman who feels anxious or stressed and wants to reground so that you can finally move forward in your life, watch my masterclass to learn the 5 shifts my clients use to squash anxiety and be more grounded without using medication, leaving your job, or waiting years.”

Apply for Leah’s transformational program “The Rooted Living Program” to squash anxiety and get grounded. Interested in learning more? Watch the Masterclass to learn more:


Since 2003, Leah has guided people through stressful and anxiety inducing situations and taught them how to connect more deeply with themselves and their environment to reground and squash anxiety. Leah is a certified yoga teacher, aromatherapist, master shamanic reiki healer and registered Maine wilderness guide. She leads retreats and online coaching programs that help people relieve anxiety and get grounded to move forward in their lives and careers. Leah cares deeply about empowering others to heal themselves and values moments of still concentration as well as the ability to laugh at oneself.