E.O. Trainings & Workshops

Leah can come to your studio or home and give a training for instructors about how to use essential oils in their yoga classes or she can teach a specialty aroma-flow class to individuals depending on your needs. Leah also offers continuing education for individuals about how to use oils instead of other products in their daily life for physical and emotional well being. Questions? Contact Leah here.

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For studios

Option 1: Teacher trainings for your staff about how to safely and effectively use essential oils in classes.

Option 2: Specialty restorative aromatherapy class offered at your studio for your students.

Specialty classes at your studio are typically 1 hr 15 min sessions focusing on how to use the oils and the benefits of the oils. The oils used in each class align with the time of year and draw on properties of the season and traditional energy of that month. 

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For individuals

Learn to integrate essential oils into your yoga practice. These are typically one hour yoga sessions focusing on which oils to use in which poses and how to use the oils. Benefits of the oils and their properties are explained during the practice. The oils used align with the time of year and draw on properties of the season and traditional energy of that month.

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Leah regularly hosts an hour long workshop with different themes focusing on how to use essential oils for physical and emotional well-being. This is also a great time to come smell and try different oils and ask questions. Email for details about the time and place or subscribe to our newsletter.

Or contact Leah to book a free essential oils 101 session if you are interested in a wholesale account.

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How To Use Essential Oils: Oils can be diffused in the air, applied directly to the skin or ingested depending on the oil and desired outcome. They can be used for almost everything…From yoga practice, detoxifying your life, cleaning your home, supporting your health, and calming your mind. To learn more about how to use essential oils click for a free ebook to get all the information you need. Click the following topics for a free ebook about how to use essential oils: topicallyinternallyaromatically and for emotional benefit.