MINDFULNESS Professional Development

Bring mindfulness into your workplace or school by booking one or all three of the following sessions. Contact Leah to book a session or inquire further.


Learn the basic tools to squash anxiety & stress and be more grounded. Clients learn skills including, breath work, yoga and aromatherapy to be more present, grounded and move through stress and anxiety in the moment and promote physical, mental and emotional health.

Practical Skills

This session focuses on continuing to build stress resilience and healthy coping strategies. We will practice implementing self-care practices and skills into daily life, deepening your' understanding of the skills and tools in the first class and answer any questions that may have arisen between sessions. 

Taking It Into Your Classroom

This class focuses on how to implement the mindfulness tools into your classroom and teach your students basics skills to squash anxiety and self-soothe in a healthy, safe way.

Since 2003, Leah has guided people through stressful and anxiety inducing situations and taught them how to connect more deeply with themselves and their environment to reground and squash anxiety. She has run programs in public and private sectors helping people to connect more deeply with themselves and their environment implementing mindfulness and self-care practices. Leah is a certified yoga teacher, aromatherapist, holistic healing coach and registered Maine wilderness guide. She leads retreats and online coaching programs that help people relieve anxiety and get grounded to move forward in their lives and careers. Leah cares deeply about empowering others to heal themselves and values moments of still concentration as well as the ability to laugh at oneself.